Our 4 energizers

The shops and the Internet are full of nutritional supplements and vitamin supplements . The purchase of such products in most cases is a waste of money . For whosoever shall find food awareness alone in our natural food all the essential vitamins. Particularly vegetables and fruits contain numerous components that support the health well.

The Orange

Oranges are true vitamin C bombs. A medium-sized orange with 100 g weight contains an average of 50mg vitamin C. Since the recommendation of vitamin C consumption per day at 60mg is, so this snack already reaches almost to meet the needs of . Vitamin C is considered to be particularly important for our defense compounds and may enhance the immune system, therefore enormous.

The Grapefruit

Like the orange counts the grapefruit to the citrus. With approximately 44mg of vitamin C per 100g flesh also makes it suitable for strengthening the body’s defenses . It is also rich in potassium and calcium. She was said even after metabolic stimulating properties. So if you want to get rid of a few pounds, doing himself and his character quite something good with a glass of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice.

The Kiwi

Kiwis are the health promoters par excellence . They are rich in vitamin C, potassium, calcium, iron and vitamins E and B1. Some Kiwisorten contain twice as much vitamin C as an orange and are especially known for their immune tonic and stimulates the metabolism activity . They also strengthen the connective tissue and stimulate heart muscle activity . The small exotics should therefore certainly find a place in the diet.

The banana

The banana is the most nutritious fruit among the four mentioned fitness food . Compared with other types of fruit, the banana is rather less rich in vitamins, but it offers a high fiber content and is highly satisfying. Especially for young children and athletes, it provides a healthy source of energy.

The banana contains a lot of potassium and acts on the stomach alkaline, whereby acidosis can be prevented. Also for our brain’s favorite fruit is very useful. The tryptophan contained in it stimulates the production of serotonin, which lifts the spirits.